50mg by Nath Baxton


 Approaching the matter of prescripted substance, 50mg marks Nath Baxton’s debut on inworld art installations.
Making use of bright colors, irony, frightening clowns and corridors, the visitor is lead through different stages of a claustrophobic hospital visit.

On his own words: “The idea I have is like a unhappy hospital, I don’t want to make something thats just pretty […]. I want people to see it and feel the need to IM me asking if I’m ok. Think of like being in hospital if you were doped up on meds to treat schizophrenia etc. It’s all bright and the colours I always use. I bought a bunch of full perm hospital stuff ive tinted etc to make them bright and cheery with ‘I AM HAPPY’ drawn over them in like a marker type font as if the patient had it drilled into their head and was made to believe it. People see my shit and are like ‘aw so bright and cheery i love it x’ but im reality I want to jump out a window everyday.”

Nath’s vibrant and saturated colors are his trademark. One can’t deny after looking at his images on Flickr that isn’t about the usual images we see. The second you see a Nath Baxton image, you know it is a Nath Baxton image.

Baxton’s 50mg was a colorful prescription to cope with everyday bitterness.

Nath Artist Profile

Nath Baxton (nath.baxton) – in Second Life since 23/05/2008

After reading about the custom content and the ability to be anything you want in Second Life, Nath decided to leave The Sims Online and start an account on the Linden Lab grid.

  • Untitled @WOMB [dixmix gallery] – 2017

Nath’s Flickr

Nath’s Blog

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