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  Opened on October 7th, ARTEFATOS – Fragments Of Things Past; stories of love and lust told by evocative objects trapped in hotel rooms, invited the visitor to invade the privacy of Mme. A’s love encounters on Ash’s first art installation in Second Life.

The visitor landed on a street at night, facing the inviting and bright lobby of the hotel, in contrast to the rest of the scene; desert and dark. Walking into the lobby would give the instructions to follow up the stairs that lead to the rooms.

Each room worked as the stage for the stories, read out loud in Portuguese by Ash herself (the texts can be read here on her blog post). A theatrical lighting was set, putting on evidence the objects, and coming closer, they spoke to you like if the memory attached to them on that context belonged to ones that visited as well.

ARTEFATOS allowed the visitor to explore and chose their own role while doing so: either simply reading and listening the stories or creating their own by interacting with the environment.

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Ash (ashratum.resident) – in Second Life since 06/04/2012

Since her first days in SL Ash has been interested in producing Erotica from a feminine perspective, exploring the imagery and textual possibilities SL has to offer. She publishes her erotic photography in Flickr and shares some of her texts on her blog, besides having an inworld bookstore where some of the material she produces is also available. With her photography she participated in some collective exhibitions in SL and an individual exhibition (Eyerotica, Dathuil Gallery, May 2015). She also created and maintained the adult sim Tierra de Fuego (2013-2015), where she discovered the pleasure of putting together scenes and environments in SL as a way of telling erotic stories. Artefatos is her first installation, bringing together her passion for writing, photography, 3D environments and eroticism.

  • Eyerotica @Dathuil Gallery – 2013

Ash’s Blog

Ash’s Flickr

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