CONCRETE DIORAMA by Mistero Hifeng


Mistero’s work is well known around Second Life. His 3D sculptures, majority of the time textured as concrete, became his trademark as an artist. They are often seen as part of different sim environments, and so emotionally strong and digitally possibly only that once you’ve seen them you aren’t able to forget. Powerful, emotional, strong, fragile… Sculptures one can gaze upon for a long time.

The G.B.T.H. was gracefully allowed to organize an exhibition to showcase his work, and a challenge came: how to display such a well known work in a way that would make sense, and tell a story, as well as engage people to visit and see what Mistero have been doing for so many years? The result was Concrete Diorama.

Right upon the landing point, the visitor encountered a minimalistic setup, where the structured was basically simple prims assembled as a continuous, leveled and layered room and tinted on different tones of grey in order to help with the sense of depth. Each scene, or environment, was carefully thought out to best present each sculpture displayed. Repetition, isolation, symmetry, immersion… Mistero’s work, most usually seeing as part of a sim environment, became the main and only star of this display. The visitor could contemplate each piece on its full glory without the distraction of other objects.

A ballet set on waves; lovers buried in the ground. Spinning bodies suspended on space, a chaotic bright room on the highest part of the building. Those were some of the scenes one could find while visiting Concrete Diorama.

We couldn’t have been more thankful for the opportunity to set up this exhibit.

Mistero Artist Profile

Mistero Hifeng (mistero.hifeng) – in Second Life since 10/07/2007

Starting to display his work inworld as images of 3D renderings of his sculptures, Mistero uploaded his figures as soon as mesh was allowed on Second Life. They often are the 3D versions of the digital images; in both forms there are symbols and suggestions of an illusive and dreamlike world. Nonetheless they are incredibly close to the deepest chords of the human soul.

Music is his greatest moving force. Often the inspiration comes from the lyrics or the music of a song, the atmosphere of which he tries to represent through surrealist and evocative work.

Nowadays he uses both 2D and 3D formats as a base for his creations.

Mistero’s Facebook

Mistero’s Flickr

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