CONTACT by Megan Prumier

exhibition poster

Contact was Megan’s second installation in Second Life.  It consisted in an immersive experience with lights, color and movement. Upon the landing point there were three possible corridors to follow: the ones on the left an the right, adorned by a spiral of square frames with green and yellow lights, lead to perfectly simmetric purple rooms with neon leaves trees and a somewhat of a bar. The middle corridor, with simple black walls and pink lights, took the visitor to something that resembled a power source that kept her universe alive, in which a glowy pink sphere calmly swirled inside this black circular structure filled with perfect columns of soft green lights.

Either path you chose would guide you to the second floor, with much bigger sculptures in an open space. Intricate compositions formed with basic shapes that were brought to life through Megan’s vision. Connected with each other, related, mirroed, contacted.

Megan is a well known and experienced persona inside Second Life for her buildings and sims like Ocho Tango, Deadpool, Metropolis, and many others, as well her pictures taken inworld and shared on Flickr.

Contact launched the new format of the G.B.T.H.

Megan Artist Profile

Megan Prumier (megan.prumier) – in Second Life since 05/30/2010
Megan is a multimedia artist and resident in Second Life. Her skills are extended on the field of photography, mostly portraits on modern, minimal and even surreal scenes, and intricate set ups for sims like Ocho Tango, Deadpool, Metropolis, Crimarizon and also past editions of Kinky and Ultra events, as well the DixMix Gallery. Currently she is also the co-owner of the G.B.T.H. project.

  • Fragments of Time @Voir Gallery – 2018
  • Secrets @Val D’Oise Gallery – 2018
  • Bycicles (group exhibition) @DixMix – 2018
  • Contact @the G.B.T.H. project – 2018
  • #MutualRespect part1 @the G.B.T.H. project – 2017
  • Untitled @DixMix – 2017
  • Escape in Landscapes w/ Lam Erin @DixMix – 2016
  • Untitled w/ Anna Anton, Annie Klavinham, Belinda Baroque, Burk Bode & Maloe Vansant @DixMix – 2012

Megan’s Flickr

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