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On October 28th 2018, Brazil democratically elected Jair Bolsonaro for president. From 1964 to 1985, there was a military dictatorship in Brazil. Bolsonaro is a public admirer and supporter of the return of those dark days.

For this installation, Marina highlighted the impact of such person in power using a favela as the structure of this piece. Often taken as a drug, violence and prostitution den, favelas (or slums) have a big percentage of their population working class people that wish they didn’t had to ever hold a gun in their hands.

Deliberare Humanum Est (Because Pretending We’re Not seeing it is Diabolical) actually brings more questions than answers. Inside, the visitor could access two rooms: one with a possible reproduction of a home in the favela and other with laptops open with a few real reports in English about Bolsonaro, the military and some of the real damage caused by them.

Marina Profile

Marina Münter (vivresavie.resident) – in Second Life since 09/01/2012

Marina Münter is an artist, curator and photographer in Second Life. 

Her work is mainly focused on 3D art installations, either making or helping to host and promote them. As a virtual photographer, she joined a couple collective exhibitions and also an edition of the Ferosh magazine. 

In October 2017 she founded the G.B.T.H. project, that now also has Nath Baxton as co-owner.

  • Deliberare Humanum Est @the G.B.T.H. project – 2018
  • Adcredo @ArtSpace in UTSA TejanoTech – 2018
  • It Wasn’t A Disaster – 2018
  • Non-Perishable @Berg by Nordan Art – 2017

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