ENCOEUR by Theda Tammas

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  On the artist’s own words,”‘avoir le coeur sur la main’ (having its heart on its own hand) – on its own hand, not IN his own hand – means to be very kind with everybody, I wanted to show love and poetry”.

Upon the landing point, the visitor had access to the suggested settings required to better view the work, to then be teleported to the installation itself.

ENCOEUR was presented at the G.B.T.H. project from December 15th to January 16th.

Down below there is a machinima of Encoeur filmed by Iono Allen.

Theda Tammas (theda.tammas) – in Second Life since 20/04/2007

Theda is a 3D artist and feelings are her main subject to explore, with sculptures that have a meaning for her and also can touch other people.


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