FLAWER by Ania Baxton

“I try to cover my evil with the beauty of a flower
but why should I?
no, I’d rather be mad and imperfect
a genuine perfect flaw-er”

After a bad breakup, Ania caught herself thinking if the relationship she had would’ve been better if she had spoken flowers instead of speaking her mind. To soothe her own sadness, Ania likes to throw parties. This time, she invited people that also speak their minds, to be portrayed holding flowers in their mouths.

For the portraits, Ania created bright, colorful, strong images. By solarizing them, she allows us to look inside each person, like an x-ray. They have been placed on curtains to reinforce the visual drama, and to add dimension to what otherwise would have been flat images. The drapes add movement as if they were dancing, breathing, alive. Not aligned, the placement of the structures invites the visitor to join the ball as they walk through the exhibition.


Ania Baxton (ania.baxton) –
in Second Life since 05/19/2008

Ania Baxton is an adult entertainer and cathartic self-taught anti-artist in Second Life.

Rather than making the avatar as an extension of her real self, Ania seeks to create her own novel through her actions in this virtual world. Inhabiting bars, and loitering with whores, Ania wishes to create an atmosphere similar to a Bukowski’s novel.

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