PILES OF STUFF by Rachel Breaker

Opened on June 30th, PILES OF STUFF: Depression, Hoarding, Nostalgia, Escapism by Rachel Breaker is a technical exercise in making 3D environments. With this work, Rachel practices several techniques such as creating procedural struts, terrains with curves and voxels and adding support armature procedurally. She also sought to replicate the inconsistencies found in prefabricated products.

Piles of Stuff has wide-ranging influences such as the Russian film The Adventures of Buratino by director Leonid Nechayev, and children’s playgrounds. In addition to these influences, Rachel found inspiration in the art and architecture of the fast food industry. Visual elements such as brick, wood, and basket weave textures can be seen commonly throughout the work.


Rachel Breaker (rachel.breaker) – in Second Life since 10/30/2006

Rachel Breaker is a painter and 3D artist based in the USA.

She studied photography, did a masters program in the UK for animation and nowadays works developing props and environments for video games. Her work in Second Life started being developed in 2008 and inside the grid she participated of a round of The Arcade in 2017 and keeps a store on the Katat0nik sim.

Her inspiration comes from planned environments like miniature golf courses, paths, also vintage toys, New Orleans Mardi Gras, amongst others.

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